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Deliver Us from Ervil produced by Novel for iHeartRadio
Episode 3: Welcome to the Family (May 10, 2022)


Description: In this episode, journalist Jesse Hyde explores how key members of Ervil’s cult were recruited, and how they morphed into a sophisticated organized crime family. In 1977, when the group failed to extort money from a high-profile target, Ervil sets his most audacious attack into motion: a double murder intended to take out his biggest rivals. Dorothy Allred Solomon provides commentary on growing up in polygamy and the assassination of her father, Dr. Rulon C. Allred, at the hands of Ervil LeBaron.


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Refusal to Cooperate

Small Towns, Small Minds

Adolescent Idealism

Karma Catches Up With FLDS

Mudslinging, Polygamy-Style

Why Do Some FLDS Teen Girls Marry While Others Don’t?

Incest and Polygamy

Jessops Behind Bars

Principle Voices Dissent

Justice Shows Her Face in Texas

Senate "Hearings" on Polygamy

Fundamentalism and Violence

American Taliban?

Power Over Lives

Petitions For and Against Separating Mothers and Children

FLDS Fashion?

The State of Marriage

FLDS Changes

False Dilemma and Mind Control

Meredith Offers Real Solutions

The Ultimate Abuse

Polygamy’s Yuck Factor

Women Who Run the Polygamist Show

Redemption in Texas

LDS and FLDS Are Not the Same!

Those Lonely Polygamists

An FLDS Childbirth in Texas

They'd Have to Kill Me First

Ripple Effects of the FLDS Raid in Texas

What Teens of Polygamy are Really Like

Wolves in Sheep's Clothing

Surprises in Colorado City

A Season of Understanding Ends

Giving the Polygamists Exactly What They Want?