Dorothy Allred Solomon’s writing has received several awards, including the 2004 WILLA, from Women Writing the West, the Utah State Publishing Prize and three first prizes from the Utah Arts Council, a Distinguished Journalism Award from Sigma Delta Chi, and a Governor's Media Award for Excellence. She and her husband, Bruce Solomon co-created Rising Star Communication Training, Inc. and Visionworks International, and Emerald City Enterprises to help people learn to create win/win scenarios. Of her writing, Solomon says, "I was taught to lie about who I am, so it is a great relief to tell it like it is. Born to parents with no marriage license, and never having been issued a birth certificate, I started writing to discover my identity and to establish citizenship."

She is the author of several books about her upbringing, including:

In My Father's House (Franklin Watts, 1984) This story of assassinated polygamous leader, Dr. Rulon C. Allred reveals the violence, heartbreak and love found inside a polygamous community.

Inside Out: Creative Writing in the Classroom (Utah Arts Council, 1984) This collection of essays inspires teacher and writers to call forth genuine creativity among writing students of all ages. 

Predators, Prey, and Other Kinfolk: Growing Up in Polygamy (W.W. Norton, 2003) This WILLA 2004 winner explores life in polygamous fundamentalism; Dorothy, one of 48 children left a life of secrecy and lies to find identity and personal truth.

Daughter of the Saints: Growing Up In Polygamy (W.W. Norton, 2003). This book offers insight into the hidden world and high cost of polygamy.

The Sisterhood: Inside the Lives of Mormon Women (Palgrave Macmillan, 2007).

Finding Karen: An Ancestral Mystery (Texas Tech University Press, 2020).

In addition to her books, Dorothy Allred Solomon is the author of a screenplay: In My Father's House, as well as many works included in anthologies. She is also currently a featured author of a "Celebrity Blog" for Marie Claire, as well as Trainer for many personal effectiveness trainings worldwide.

Dorothy has been recognized with several awards for her work and continues to develop future publications and projects.

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